I explored virginity through the collective experience of a group of chosen subjects, both male and female. I obtained 12 different participants and photographed these subjects individually at the place where they lost their virginity (or a place very similar to where they lost their virginity). I provided the photographic subjects with a list of questions to answer, pertaining to how they remember losing their virginities; the actual experience vs. how it was imagined; whether the individuals felt differently afterwards, and how they felt in general, about the whole experience. These responses were captured in the audio which accompanies these photographs. I hoped to examine the myths and deeply rooted ideals that society has around “the perfect virginity”. What is the perfect age to become sexually active? Did expectations live up to the real event? Did the experience change the person once it was over? I was able to discuss these and other questions with my subjects, in the course of capturing their unique stories, feelings and experiences. By delving into this delicate and sensitive topic and by immersing myself in the complex, and sometimes taboo, topic of virginity, it was my hope that I could bring to light the stigma of perfection (and of a perfect experience). By sharing these stories through conversation and photographs, I wished to document a fundamental element of growing up and to document a shared experience.

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