As of late, I have been considering the way that I form and engage in relationships, as well as the ways in which I relate to my friends, and exactly where I fit into their lives. I have always had difficulty showing emotion and communicating my appreciation to those I am closest to. Rather than vocalizing my feelings, I tend toward a physical show of emotions and often use small acts to show affection and appreciation. However, in each of my relationships, there is always a feeling of uncertainty as to how I fit into each person’s life, and I sometimes feel myself pulling away because of this. I tend to navigate social situations and my relationships with a certain detachment.

To further explore how I fit into the lives of my friends, I decided to insert myself into their lives for one night. I stayed overnight at the houses or apartments of my closest friends and then, as a gesture of appreciation, I made their favorite breakfast and served them in bed. This project seeks to examine how my relationships with each of my friends differ, producing images of a comedic and performative nature. Each “sleepover” was unstructured, and I allowed each person to do what they wanted for the night. Some simply carried on with their normal routine (effectively ignoring me), while others made the evening into an actual sleepover event, ordering pizza and watching movies and TV. I sought to gain a greater understanding of my friends through the observation of their daily routines and schedules. And through this exploration of their surroundings, I also examined how I function in an unfamiliar space and how I interact with others in their personal spaces.

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